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What are the transmission modes and symptoms of the diseases I am able to vaccinate my pet against?

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What is the purpose of vaccinating a dog?

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Vaccination de chien


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What is the need of vaccinating a dog?

Vaccination is a stimulation of the defense system (immune system)which can rapidly recognize a specific intrusion and quickly enter into defense mode before too much damage spreads throughout the body.

Is it of importance to have my dog vaccinated?

The pertinence to have one’s pet vaccinated should be discussed with your veterinarian since myths related to vaccinations are as numerous as there are writers and readers about the subject.

Is an older animal better protected?

An older animal is really not better protected. Their immune system is not as vigilant as before, and might need the support given by an appropriate vaccination.

Why should I vaccinate my dog?

Let us not forget that numerous diseases have almost been eradicated thanks to vaccination programs. We should not underestimate rabies and leptospirosis, which are transmittable to humans. Certain vaccines are specifically used in certain regions more than others, such as lepto and rabies, as needed, or in relation to certain circumstances (kennel cough).

Which vaccines should be given?

At Mountainview, we offer a protocol pertaining more to our region and the lifestyle and environment of your pets. We also take into consideration the owner’s philosophy regarding vaccination; therefore, it is a case by case approach.