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Even though the number of positive cases of heartworm in Quebec seems small, it remains constant year after year despite the dogs tested and given prevention. This indicates that it is impossible to eradicate the disease, and an epidemic remains a possibility if nothing is done, especially if there are uncontrollable vectors such as unidentified carrier dogs, coyotes, and foxes.

Why should I test my dog and give prevention for heartworm?

Even when we give heartworm prevention every year, certain dogs can still wind up with a positive result since, even with the best intentions, treatments can be forgotten, rejected, given too soon or too late, or non-consumption of the drug goes unnoticed.

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* There must certainly be more positive cases of heartworm disease than what is listed on the map considering all other cases not reported from other laboratories. This map is to give us an idea of the comparison of heartworm positive dogs between Quebec, Ontario, Maine, and Vermont.


** Image provided by Baker Veterinary Hospital

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It is important to mention that the states that border Quebec, as well as Ontario, have many more positive cases than here, and our dogs sometimes travel to these places, possibly putting them in contact with other dogs not necessarily protected.


The heartworm detection test is now able to test for 3 other diseases: Lyme disease (a disease that is present in our area and should not be ignored), anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis.  

Heartworm prevention protects against other parasites as well such as fleas, mites, intestinal parasites, ticks…etc.


Place the cursor over the image to see the positive results from Idexx Laboratories.*

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Our animals live with us. We are responsible for their health…for them…for us (certain diseases can be transmitted to man), and for the other dogs and cats around us.

We must take into consideration that our animal can act as a reservoir, carrying diseases to others (human or animal).

If you need more details on the subject, the staff at Mountainview is available to answer any questions you may have, or to help clarify any doubts.

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