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…cats are the only mammals unable to taste sugar? Although they cannot taste sugar, the taste buds that perceive sour, bitter and salt are well developed.  In the center of a cat’s tongue are papillae – little hooked, hair like growths that face towards the back of the mouth, and are made from keratin.

…dogs and cats do not need to drink milk throughout their life in order to be in good health? What they need is the maternal milk, provided by their mother from birth until they are weaned. Afterwards, they have very little of the enzymes that digest milk, making them unable to metabolize and digest it well, causing possibly soft stools or diarrhea.

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…it is not necessary to give vitamin or mineral supplements to animals? Dry or canned food made for animals is formulated to contain a proper balance of the vitamin and mineral intake needed daily. For example, a cat is unable to produce taurine, therefore there is a supplement of taurine in dry and canned cat food. This is one reason cats should not eat dog food. (Another reason is that their energy requirement is much higher than dogs.)

…it is not necessary to feed fruits and vegetables to our animals? It is the vitamins and minerals found in them that are important. Since the ones necessary to maintain good health are already measured properly and then added to dry or canned food, it is normal to not see fruits and vegetables in the ingredient list.

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…from the 40th day of gestation, and throughout the lactation period, the dog or cat mother needs to be fed a food that can meet the energy needs of both her and her litter?  A puppy or kitten food can provide the necessary energy requirements for proper development.

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…omega 3 and 6 fatty acids play an important role in maintaining a healthy skin and coat? There are different types of fatty acids in dog and cat food, such as soybean oil and fish. Healthy skin and a lustrous hair coat, free of dandruff, will reflect an adequate food supplemented with omega 3 and 6.

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