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Appointments Emergency service Dr Luc Lemaître, m.v. Dr Érik Masclé, m.v. What do you know about your pet’s nutrition?

Our animals’ nutrition is just as important as our own. Knowing what to feed them is one way to make sure they stay healthy. This month’s “question of the month” will focus on the basic principles of nutrition for our pets.

Chien et son bol de nourriture

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What are the benefits of feeding my pet a veterinary diet?

Chien Zorro et poulet

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Click on the “did you know that” or on the questions for some interesting nutrition facts!

The diets sold in a veterinary clinic come with a guarantee on the quality of ingredients used, and each one is carefully researched to ensure the product is of the highest quality to maintain optimal health and will best suit the needs of pets based on age, lifestyle or disease condition.

Your veterinarian or the veterinary technician can also help you choose the most appropriate diet since they have the training, resources, and knowledge of your pet’s health history to make the right  nutritional recommendation for your pet’s age and life stage. Each diet is designed and developed with the best nutrients for maximum absorption. Studies and clinical trials are conducted to ensure their quality and benefits.

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