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Doctor… do we have an ideal weight?


My weight is perfect!

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Should my pet lose weight?

How do I know if my pet is at an ideal weight?

The best way is to refer to the body condition score chart for dogs and cats.

Are there any easy tricks that can be used to help my pet
avoid putting on excessive weight?

Can I get help from my veterinarian?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It is easier to maintain an ideal weight than to lose weight. Here are a few helpful tips.

Will my pet be hungry while dieting?

Most veterinary offices offer weight control programs.

Mountainview’s program

No, if a good quality food, appropriate for the age and size of your animal is given.  More details

Why is it so important to maintain a healthy weight?

When your animal is overweight, they have greater risks to develop certain diseases: diabetes, cardiac disease, respiratory problems, arthritis, skin problems, liver disease. As body fat increases, so does the risk for developing these problems.

Body fat index risk chart:   dog   cat

Once again, prevention is much more affordable than the cost of the care incurred for a disease caused by obesity.

Where can I learn more?


1) Consult our staff with excellent training in nutrition

2) Click on the following links:

       Pet health review - canine weight loss edition

       Pet health review - feline weight loss edition

3) Visit this site:

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