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931, Knowlton rd  West Brome

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 Monday to Wednesday:  8h00 - 17h00

 Thursday and Friday:  8h00 - 18h00

Saturday : 8h00 - 12h00

Appointments Emergency service Dr Luc Lemaître, m.v. Dr Érik Masclé, m.v.

Animal health technicians play a crucial role in the veterinary team. Concerned about the well being of your pet, the animal health technicians are the link between you and the veterinarian, to assure the best possible care for their 4-legged patients.

They assist the veterinarian during surgery and consultations. They take x-rays and blood samples, perform laboratory tests, inspect and maintain equipment, and order all the clinic’s supplies, food, and medication. They are also there to provide customer service and offer important information to each client about vaccinations, parasite prevention, nutrition, behavior, dentistry…etc.

Each technician studies for 3 years at the collegiate level and receives training in specific courses all pertaining to animal health (nutrition, behavior, animal care, surgery, dentistry, pharmacology, radiology, laboratory, parasitology and customer service).

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