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Test your knowlegde

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Challenge your friends and family... How many did you get correct?

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1) The flea can transmit which parasite to our pets?

2)  Other than dogs, which animals can be carriers of dirofilariosis? (Heartworm disease)

3)  Up to what temperature can the inside of a car reach if parked in the sun?

7)  What is the appropriate amount of water that my pet should drink each day?

6)  Other than brushing the teeth, name 2 other ways  of preventing tartar formation?

5)  What bacteria found in raw meat can cause food poisoning?

4)  Can the mother dog or cat transmit parasites through her milk?

10)  What is the biggest flaw of the Entlebuch Sennenhund?

8)  Which vaccine is required or strongly recommended when my pet goes in boarding?

12)  Name 2 things that can help prevent our pets from becoming overweight?

11)  Which medications should be avoided when trying to ease our animals’ pain?


9)  What is the optimal age to sterilize my cat or dog?

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